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Truck Driver Jobs

Date Added: December 01, 2008 03:05:05 AM
Author: Anonymous
Category: Truck Driving Websites: Truck Driver Jobs and Employment
There are millions of truck driver jobs in the United States. Truck driver jobs are the most searched for jobs on the internet each month with the exception of online or work at home type jobs. There is not another blue collar type of job that pays as high as a truck driver job at the entry level. 

Truck driver jobs can also be one of the most physically demanding jobs over time to deal with also.Some truck driver jobs are more demanding than others. A truck driver that is away from home for 2-3 weeks at a time may struggle with sleep debt more than a truck driver that is home every day.

A truck driver that is home everyday will usually make more money for his time than a driver who is gone for weeks at a time.The difference in pay from one truck driver job to another can be drastic. One truck driver may get paid $150 to drive from Memphis to Wichita when another truck driver will get over $300 in pay. Does this make any sense? They drive the same road and the same miles to get to the same destination. 

The bottom line is that some truck driver jobs pay more than other truck driver jobs!Both of the above truck drivers have a CDL and the only difference is the trucking company they work for. The truck driver that only made $150 for the trip is just lacking information and maybe the ambition needed to get more of it. 

Getting a CDL is great but truck drivers should not get complacent until they are working for a great trucking company. I know truck drivers who have been working truck driver jobs for bottom of the barrel wages for years. They complain about it and think that everyone else either knows somebody or is just lucky that has a good truck driver job. The reality is that they have never even applied for another job or they did one time years ago. Way to go after that high paying truck driver job.
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